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About the Year 7-12 BYOD Program

Do any existing College policies link in with BYOD?

Yes. The College Cybersafety Use Agreement.

What support will the College’s IT Team offer for the device brought to the College?

The IT Team will provide support for the College Network. It is not able to assist with device specific errors or software not supplied or required by the College. Your local computer repairer is likely to be your best contact in these cases.

For software required by the College, the IT Team will provide basic, common instructions for installation and a ‘best effort’ approach to assistance when problems occur. If fixing the problem is within repeatable or common installation or configuration steps, the IT Team will assist the student to perform these actions. However, if the IT Team determines the fix to require critical changes or modification to the computer, they will recommend having a repairer assist.

Please note that the IT Team cannot take responsibility for any problems arising from the assistance of a student with software issues.

Who needs to sign the Cyber Safety Use Agreement?

The Cyber Safety Use Agreement needs to be signed by both parent(s)/carer(s) and the student.

How do backups work in a BYOD program?

The backup of files in a BYOD program is the responsibility of the student. However, the College will continue to provide each student Google Workspace for Education. This suite includes unlimited cloud storage while the student is enrolled at the College. All students are encouraged to continue creating and storing documents in Google Drive. Students need to use this as a backup destination for College related files they store on their device.

How will students be monitored on their device at the College?

The College has software programs in place to ensure that all Internet activity by our students at the College is recorded.

The recording of student internet activity only occurs while the student is connected on site to the TCC Network.

Will the College manage my child’s device?

No. The student is recognised as the administrator of the device. Therefore the College will not manage any student device.

What effect will the program have on textbooks?

One of the aims of a personal device is to take advantage of textbook publishers’ release of digital versions of textbooks.  The College has an agreement with a supplier to provide learning resources. Refer to textbook lists as published.

How many devices may I bring to the College for educational purposes?

A student is to bring one device that meets the College specifications.

Device Requirements and Recommendations

How will I purchase a device for this program?

There are several vendors who will be able to guide you in selecting a device, which meets the College’s specifications. We suggest that you provide a copy of the specifications to the vendor when purchasing your device.

The following portal is available for parents/carers who require additional information in purchasing a device that meet the College’s specifications.

Please note that the College has no financial agreement with Learning with Technologies. The site is owned and operated independently by Learning with Technologies as a service to our College Community. To access the site, visit:

What are the device specifications for the BYOD program?

What you can find on this page?

Program Specifications – Reviewed Term 3, 2021
Understanding the BYOD Specification Progression Over Time
Is there a place online that makes it simple and checks the specifications for me?

Program Specifications – Reviewed Term 3, 2021

The following specifications are expected:

Please be aware that over the course of the student’s education the original device bought on minimum specifications may not meet ongoing curriculum demands.

Some elective subjects commencing in Year 9 may require more from your device when specialist software is utilised in these subject areas. If your device does not have the capacity to meet the ongoing needs of specialised subjects from Year 9, this will affect the usability of the device.

Specialist software is utilised in the Technology and Arts faculties. This software does require more resources from your device. The College recommends ensuring all devices being used in these subjects comply with the recommended level of specifications rather than the minimum. Purchasing a device above the recommended level would also be advantageous – particularly as a student nears their HSC years.

Understanding the BYOD Specification Progression Over Time

Current Specification Retirement Timeline

A Guide to Understanding the Specification Retirement Timeline

Is there a place online that makes it simple and checks the specifications for me?

A supplier of the College wants to help you with this problem.  Learning with Technologies is an education supplier who is happy to sell direct to our parents.  They take away the difficulty of working out what specifications mean by making a ‘purchase portal’ where you can buy a device without having to think about specifications – because they’ve checked them for you.  The following website is maintained independently by Learning with Technologies as a service to our community.  You’ll find a wide range of devices, extended warranties, accidental damage coverage, accessories and payment options.

Learning with Technologies Purchase Portal

Do I need to have an extended warranty for my child’s device?

The College recommends an extended warranty for the personal device.

Do I need to purchase insurance for my child’s device?

The College recommends insurance cover for the device. The College’s insurance policy does not cover student’s personal belongings.

What challenges may I face providing my child with an older device, or, as the device becomes older?

All BYOD devices must continually comply with the specifications listed and published by the College. For example, battery capacity reduces over the life span of any device.

Does my child require Microsoft Office on their device?

No. The College utilises Google Workspace for Education.

Does the College require clear identification on the device?

Yes. The College requires clear identification of the owner of all devices that could be linked to the owner of the device. In addition, it is recommended that a photo is taken of the identification features and safely stored.

Day to Day Procedures and Expectations

How do I prepare to connect a new device to the College network?

This process can be done at home or at the College.. For the best transition, it is recommended that this is done at home. Please see instructions for each device type on the following website:

Will the IT Team assist in recovering lost data that is stored on my child’s device?

No. The IT Team will not be able to assist in the recovery of data stored on a personal device. For this reason, it is encouraged that all students utilise Google Workspace for Education to create and share documents. This system is under the College’s banner and data inside of Google Drive is maintained through the partnership between Google and the College.

Will the College provide a loan device if my child’s device is broken?

No. The College will not be able to supply a loan device. Parents are encouraged to have their child make use of any other devices to which they may have access to temporarily.

Will the College assist or provide advice in getting a student’s device repaired?

No. The College are not able to assist or provide advice in getting a student’s personal device repaired.

Who is responsible for storing, transporting and protecting the device?

Students are responsible for their device at all times. It is recommended that you purchase protective cases and extended warranties each time a new device is purchased.

Is the College responsible for the legality of the software installed on a device?

Software on the device is the responsibility of the student. While the College may legally choose to make software packages available to students through special BYOD licensing programs offered to schools, students must ensure rules around the software are consistently obeyed.

Other software on the device is to be legally licensed through the appropriate purchases. The use of illegal software is a violation of the College Cyber Safety Use Agreement. While the College is not responsible for the software on the device, if illegal software is found on the device, parent/carers will be informed.

Access to software under a license agreement through the College is only available to students while they are enrolled at the College. Such software needs to be uninstalled by the student when enrolment ceases.

What happens if another student damages my child’s device at the College?

As per other matters of damage to property, the Discipline Policy will be applied in these cases.

Students are required to store, transport and protect their device. Any damage to the property of another student will be investigated under the College Behaviour Management Policy and referred to the student’s parents/carers to manage the financial impact of the behaviour that caused the damage.

What happens if my child forgets their device?

If a student forgets their device, this will be considered the same as if they forget any other piece of equipment. They will be deemed not ready for the school day and the Behaviour Management Policy will apply.

What will happen if my child’s device has a battery that wasn’t charged and ready for the School day or has deteriorated and doesn’t last for the School day?

Students are expected to be prepared for school by having the necessary equipment, including having a fully charged device. If the required equipment is not provided, students will be deemed not ready for school and the Behaviour Management Policy will apply.

May I charge my device at the College?

Students should come to the College with their device fully charged so they are ready for the school day. Assistance will be provided from the IT Team only in cases of extreme circumstances or emergency.

Devices cannot be charged anywhere on the College site except the designated charging station. The charging station is accessible via an IT check in / check out system at the IT office which notes which students use the facility.

Does the College require that the device has current antivirus software?

Yes. It is recommended and good practice to install antivirus software programs on all devices.

Who is responsible for installing updates on the device?

The College requires that the owners of the device install regular updates.

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